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For some, flirting comes easy and some people just seem to know instinctively all the do’s and don’ts of flirting. You’d think it would be easy to flirt, but there is a very fine line between being charming and being overly forward. So, avoid the embarrassing moment, when you realized that you have over stepped the mark and read top 6 important flirting mistakes written by one of our Manchester escorts that you really don’t want to make:

Getting too serious

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Flirting is fun, keep it that way. Stay off serious topics and problems, such as politics, religion or your exes, and stick the light-hearted subjects of conversation. Show your crush that you are an interesting and fun person to be with. You want to come across as easy going and desirable person, not a high maintenance or overly complicated one.

Going too far

Flirting should be fun and subtle, and you don’t want to give the wrong impression; so a small portion of flirtatious innuendoes are fine, but don’t make them too blunt and obvious, or you will just scare the good guys/girls off.

Ignoring the signs

Watch the body language of your crush carefully, as you progress with your flirting from one level to the next and beware of the signs that you may have gone too far. If he/she starts fidgeting and looking around the room, then they are probably looking for an escape, so rein it in a little, you may be going too fast.

Being over rehearsed

Flirting is best when it comes naturally and doesn’t sound like a well-rehearsed script. If your patter is too slick, then it will come across as being insincere, as well as giving the impression that you talk to every new person that you meet like this.


There is a fine line between flirting and giving someone the come on: one thing no-one likes is a tease. It is unfair to play with someone’s emotions and give them the impression that they are on to a good thing if you have no intention of following through. Light flirting can quickly become serious and more intense and you need to know when to back off if you don’t want the situation to get heavy. Playing with someone in this way could lead to you having to deal with their anger and frustration.

Coming on too strong
There’s that boundaries thing again! People who come on too strong are people that don’t understand body language or who don’t listen to what is being said. Don’t be so blinded by your lust, attraction, or libido that you fail to recognize that you are overstepping the mark. Being too forceful with your flirtation is likely to make the recipient feel nervous and at worst, turned off or even scared.

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